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Modern working parents are highly concerned with content their children access via the Internet during their absence. Except for various useful learning and harmless entertaining websites, the World Web is filled with easy accessible adult and offensive websites. Children can find many violent games, hateful and pornography websites, which could damage their development, literally without any efforts. Consequently internet parental control software has become a truly useful solution for thousands parents worldwide striving to protect their kids.

PC Parental Control Software to stop parents’ worrying

ABTO Software offers the best parental control software allowing parents to restrict visiting inappropriate websites by their children. They can also easily manage time spent on the Internet or computer; choose what programs kids are allowed to use. With our computer monitoring software for parents it is possible to monitor all children’s Internet activity log. This tool is completely invisible even for tech-savvy kids and will track what they were doing on the computer in a non-invasive way.

Our Parental Control Software Main Features:

  • logging of the programs run and visited websites
  • restricting Web-surfing time
  • blocking access to specific websites and programs
  • complete computer activity monitoring
  • access to the saved data via password-protected interface
  • software application runs invisibly allowing to use computer as normal
  • hardly traceable even by tech-savvy children parental protection software
  • easy-to-install, compact and portable application
  • interactive interface
  • highly secure and robust

The Best Parental Control Software for security of Your Children!

With ABTO Software’s computer parental control software you can protect your children’s virtual activity every day. At the same time, you can continue working on your PC without any interruptions; you won’t even notice that our parental computer monitoring application is running.

Our software absolutely invisibly creates a log file, tracking various on- and offline user activities: Web-sites visited, social media pages, e-mails, chats, computer programs run and total duration of their work. As a result you obtain a set of very useful and efficient reports concerning your child’s computer activity. With ABTO Software’s Report Computer Usage parental control monitoring software all the Internet and e-mail statistics is at your hand.

System Requirements:

Report Computer Usage Parental computer monitoring software runs under all Microsoft Windows operating systems including: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, 2k, MS Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

For inquiries:

If you have any questions concerning ABTO Software’s network parental control software please contact us at and our representative will gladly provide you all the necessary information.

Strong USB encryption software
Strong USB encryption software
If you need to protect confidential documents and files from unauthorized access during your absence, please learn more about ABTO’s great USB encryption software at

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