High-End Employee Computer Monitoring Software

Corporate security is a major issue nowadays, when you can barely find an office without access to the Internet. Many companies to different extent faced the loss of confidential information or even money, or otherwise suffered from the illegal activity of dishonest and irresponsible employees.

Do you want to find out what your workers are really doing? Aren’t they wasting precious working time, visiting their social media pages, chatting or playing games? ABTO Software offers a great solution for monitoring employee computer use – our Report Computer usage software.

Drive Benefits from our Business Computer Monitoring Software

ABTO Software’s employee computer monitoring software allows you to establish unnoticed control over the company’s staff online activity. Your employees won’t even know that employee pc monitoring software is running on their personal computers. It’s absolutely invisible and will not interrupt normal work of the programs installed on the computer.

Report Computer Usage helps you to:

  • monitor employee computer usage
  • block access to unwanted web-content or programs on the PC
  • avoid confidential corporate information leaking
  • reveal illegal activity of dishonest stuff
  • control if employees are visiting various inappropriate websites
  • audit the time stuff spends on different websites
  • find out time spent using each software application

ABTO Software’s top-notch application is designed specifically for obtaining complete detailed report of what your employees do. It’s a great enterprise solution allowing monitor all LAN computers taking unprecedented control over the company’s employees. You obtain a log of visited websites and utilized programs and time spent on them. Try our tool now to sufficiently enhance your corporate security and overall control over employees’ online activities.

For inquiries:

If you have any questions concerning ABTO Software’s network parental control software please contact us at support@reportcomputerusage.com and our representative will gladly provide you all the necessary information.

Strong USB encryption software
Strong USB encryption software
If you need to protect confidential documents and files from unauthorized access during your absence, please learn more about ABTO’s great USB encryption software at usbsoftprotect.com

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