Wide area of applications for computer monitoring software

In our age of high technologies and wide spread of the World Web, cyber security has become a major issue for small and scalable enterprises and ordinary users as well. A lot of managers, parents and individual users are more and more concerned of how the computer is used during their absence. As a result computer monitoring programs are becoming more demanded for corporate needs and in everyday life.

Prevent your employees’ illegal actions

Curious to know what your husband/wife/children or employees are doing on the computer? Then our program is a perfect match. Report Computer Usage computer monitoring software covertly monitors files or Web sites accessed, what programs are used on the computer, records the text in the title bars of any program run. The program allows you to identify processes and sites you are using, it simply and effortlessly accesses all the processes running on your computer while it works.

Safe your children from adult/improper/violent content

Working at your PC, you use a lot of programs or visit numerous web pages. With Report Computer Usage you can keep track of your children`s actions while you are away. With almost no efforts you will always have a list of all programs launched on computer in front of you. Now you can monitor and protect your children from harmful online content by limiting browsing to specific websites.

The parental protection software we provide is a perfect match for parents concerned to monitor their children`s activities or for employers purporting to restrict employee computer usage. This snooping utility provides the list with programs run, visited web sites and, which is more, specific time of each running process. Even more, we’ve upgraded our tool to allow parents to safeguard their children’s Internet experience and control what he/she is doing online even when parents are absent. With this parental control software you can create Stop list to make restrictions of using separate URL’s and files on your computer to be sure that no “XXX Sites” are available.

If you need to monitor and control activity on your computer for whatever reason, this is exactly what you need!

User interface of computer activity monitoring software Report Computer Usage ™

Main Features Of Report Computer Usage – Network and PC Monitoring Software:

  • User-friendly interactive interface
  • Complete computer usage report
  • Easy-to-apply pc activity monitoring software
  • Used processes and websites identification option
  • Process start time specified
  • Compatible with all web browsers
  • Separate URLs and programs usage restriction option
  • Protected with Password
  • Saves records to txt file
  • Highly reliable stealth computer monitoring software

Computer Usage Monitoring Software’s System Requirements:

Operating Systems: MS Windows 98/MS Windows 2000 /MS Windows XP / 2k / Windows Vista / MS Windows 7

Have a question?

If you have any questions regarding the product, purchasing, licenses etc, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@ReportComputerUsage.com.

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Strong USB encryption software
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