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Best computer monitoring software

ABTO Software offers outstanding computer monitoring software allowing to monitor, which websites and files have been accessed and which programs had run on the PC, while the user is away. Our pc and internet monitoring software also records text in the title bars of any programs working.

Best PC Monitoring Software for Employers and Parents

Employee activity monitoring. Our pc monitoring software may become an irreplaceable tool for various businesses, preventing crucial data leakage caused by employees’ illegal activity. Managers can control what sites are accessed by the workers, are they really doing what they should? Or maybe they are just playing games or visiting their social media pages?

Parental control. Parents can also drive benefits using the best computer monitoring software delivered by ABTO Software. You can easily protect your child from offensive and adult content by limiting browsing to harmful websites.
So you can monitor computer usage and as a result sufficiently restrict it for your employees or children. Our software allows to effortlessly identify processes and websites used and easily access all the processes running while the computer works.

Robust and Secure Computer Activity Monitoring Software

ABTO’s computer and internet monitoring software will provide you a list of programs run and websites visited while you were absent. Moreover, you’ll get detailed information concerning each specific processes running time. With our software application computer activity monitoring has become simple fast and extremely convenient. You can create your own Stop list to restrict separate URL’s visiting and usage of specific files on the PC.

Strong USB encryption software
Strong USB encryption software
If you need to protect confidential documents and files from unauthorized access during your absence, please learn more about ABTO’s great USB encryption software at

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